Early Survival Skills

When you decide that it is time to become a prepper you start a journey that is built around the concept of preparation. You begin to store food and emergency supplies. But you are also storing up knowledge and skill sets that you need in order to ensure your survival in an emergency situation. There are many important skills that you should be learning and cultivating. Some of these skills are more important than others in terms of being learned first. Here are two of the most important prepping skills that you absolutely must develop and how they are so important.

Building a Proper Fire

If there is one skill that absolutely should be learned first it would be that of building a proper functioning fire. It is easy enough to build a fire by dousing some lighter fluid on a haphazardly assembled pile of wood. However, such a fire will not last long. To build a proper fire you must make sure that the wood is stacked in such a way that there is enough airflow for the fire to sustain itself. You must also be sure to use wood that burns well and long. You should also look up different kinds of firestarters such as the best flint firestarters or best magnesium firestarters.

Using a Weapon

When you are in an emergency situation it is not pleasant to think about the need to defend yourself but that does not change the fact that it is absolutely essentially that you learn how to properly handle a weapon. Not only do you need to learn how to use a weapon for your own defense, you need to learn how to use one for hunting as well. Whether you are using a gun or a crossbow you need to develop mastery of your weapon.

Check out this video to learn more about firestarting:

Can I build an in home wine bar?

Lately, there has been thousands of people across the globe doing DIY projects. These DIY projects have ranged from projects as small as wreath for the front door of a home to things as large as a pallet fence around the yard.

So it would make sense that people would be curious about building an in home wine bar. And I am here today to tell you that it is completely possible. It is actually something that most people do. That way they can have the wine bar of their dreams.

Building your own in home wine furniture allows you to make sure that your wine bar is completely unique. A one of a kind wine bar is something that every person dreams about.

However, just because you can build an in home wine bar, it is not suggested.

In Home Wine Furniture

Of course, if you want an in home wine bar, you can always get online and purchase one. I know it is fun to be able to choose different features and styles on your wine bar when you build it. However, when you shop at places like Dreams of Merlot, you get the best bar furniture for the home.

Plus, you get to choose from a large selection of different styles and colors. So you can be sure that you will find an in home wine bar that is perfect for you.

Choosing to buy one online is much easier and less time consuming. Plus, when you order one from online, you can be sure that the in home wine furniture that you bought is made with the best materials possible.

Read more here.

1992 Vs 2016: Carbon Fiber Bikes Then And Now! Retro Vs Modern

While it’s fun to see the old verses the new, the technology is growing by leaps and bounds for the average person, where it’s obvious that the professional racers have little improvement since it’s been carbon fiber bikes leading the pack for them for what is 20 plus years at the tour de France.

While this video makes a great comparison, most of us are not competing at a championship level and just want a high quality bike at a reasonable cost.

I faced that too in the past, but it’s fairly easy to find sites like CMC with average enthusiast telling their stories, rating different bikes and helping the average person find the perfect fit for them.

It’s ever-day guys and gals who ride sharing what they’ve learned during their ride with carbon fiber.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review


In the early days of vaporizers there were many people who were not convinced that they would have any staying power. People thought they would not last long because they were nothing more than a fad that would last for maybe a year or two that would disappear. That was simply not the case and vaporizers have gone on to be a very successful and worthwhile product line that have brought a significant amount of enjoyment to their users. One of the most popular and successful vaporizers to come out of the initial boom in popularity was the Firefly vaporizer.

Why the Firefly Is a Big Deal

The Firefly vaporizer was one of the very first portable vaporizers to hit the market and pack all of the power and performance that you would expect to find with a much larger desktop vaporizer. If you look at the Vapor Domain review you will find that it was a veritable power house among other portable vaporizers of its time. However, it has been several years since the debut of the Firefly and much has changed. It is time for a new model and the team at Firefly have introduced just that with the Firefly 2. Here is what makes the Firefly 2 a worthy follow up to the amazing original.

Slimmer, Lighter Body

The original Firefly had one of the best designed bodies in the vaporizer business. It is stylish, it is streamlined, and it was simply gorgeous to look at. It was also simple to use thanks to its very basic layout. It was practically fool proof. However, the body was very bulky and it was quite a bit hefty. This would create some problems if you wanted to carry it around in your pocket because it may not fit or it could cause your pants to sag down if they were not secured with a belt. It also meant you were more likely to drop your Vaporizer.

With the Firefly 2 the body has been altered considerably. It is now made from magnesium. This makes the body much lighter without sacrificing any measure of durability. The new body weighs less than half of that of the original which means it will no longer cause your pants to sag. The body is also up to one third smaller than the original. This means that you should have no problem getting the Firefly 2 to fit in your pocket.

New and Improved Batteries to Support Superior Performance

The Firefly was a superior portable vaporizer that performed incredibly well against other similar vaporizers on the market. That made it a type of power house in the Firefly world. Unfortunately, the batteries necessary to consistently support that power were not there. The batteries that came with the original Firefly were dreadful. They took too long to charge. They would lose power quickly. After only a month or two of use they would die out completely.

The team at Firefly have remedied this problem with the Firefly 2. They have taken the original batteries and redesigned them from the ground up to perform better than ever before. The new batteries are designed to support the superior performance of the Firefly 2. They charge up faster than ever. They do not die quickly. They will certainly not give out on you after you have only been using them for a month or two. To put it simply, these are the batteries that should have been included with the first Firefly model and it is a shame that the team at Firefly had to put so much effort into improving them.

The Firefly 2 is a serious improvement over an already amazing first vaporizer. The original Firefly vaporizer was one of the first vaporizers to show that portable vaporizers were to be taken seriously. It proved that portables could be just as powerful as desktop vaporizers and did not deserve to be relegated to “B” status. If you are a person who has been interested in vaporizers for awhile but did not know which one to get first then the Firefly 2 is quite easy to recommend. It has everything that you are looking for in a vaporizer, portable or otherwise.

The Advantage of E Cigarettes


For smokers all around the world there has been very little to get excited about in terms of the products they smoke. This is because cigarettes as we currently know them are stale, boring, tired, and obsolete. There is practically no reason to be excited about a product whose most recent improvement was the addition of the filter over half a century ago. Smokers need to face the fact that cigarettes are as dead as can be and it is time to embrace the next step. It is time to embrace the electronic cigarette.

E Cigs Are Popular

Electronic cigarettes, or e cigarettes as they are usually called, have grown incredibly popular over the past few years. E cigarettes have pushed the cigarette into a brand new space of development. The practically ancient design of cigarettes needed some serious updating and electronic cigarettes have been there to answer that call. Practically every element of the cigarette’s very concept has been uprooted and redesigned with nothing held sacred. This means that smokers now have the ultimate experience that they may have been looking for that they could not have received from regular cigarettes.

Full Flavor Selection

One of the biggest advantages that electronic cigarettes have over regular cigarettes is that of their flavor. Think about the number of flavors you have with regular cigarettes. You are practically restricted to two flavors: tobacco and menthol. That is no kind of selection to be proud of and the tobacco industry should be ashamed of itself for its overly binary thinking. People want options and if the tobacco industry isn’t going to give them to the people then electronic cigarettes will in spades. There are flavors such as chocolate, cherry, blueberry, vanilla, and of course mainstays like tobacco and menthol.

Flavor Fidelity

Speaking of flavor, let’s talk about flavor fidelity. If you think that the tobacco or menthol flavored regular cigarettes are just fine and authentic then you have another thing coming. Suffice it to say that tobacco flavored cigarettes are nothing of the sort. This is because of the large number of chemicals that go into the creation of regular cigarettes. Literally thousands of different chemicals are used in order to make regular cigarettes. The tobacco is steeped in these chemicals until the effect desired by tobacco companies is achieved. There is no way, with thousands of chemicals, that you would get an authentic flavor.

Electronic cigarettes on the other hand are more authentic due to fewer ingredients being used, especially nowadays. E cigarettes feature what is called e liquid. E liquid formulas vary from company to company but for the most part e liquid is made up of water, nicotine, and a concentrated flavor. The flavor is more robust and more authentic. Best of all there is no burning of the e liquid. Instead the e liquid is vaporized and creates an authentic, pleasing flavor that does no burn the throat. It is the perfect way to experience a flavor in full instead of being compromised by smoke.


There are, of course drawbacks to using electronic cigarettes. You have to remember to frequently charge your e cigarette when it is not being used. This is because there is nothing more annoying than being on the go and having the battery on your e cigarette run out. You also need to be sure to keep track of how much you have used a flavor cartridge. It is a good idea to keep one or two spare cartridges on hand just in case. There are also other pitfalls that you would find with any other electronic device such as not being able to get the electronic cigarette wet, but this is a caution that you must take with regular cigarettes as well. At the end of the day the ratio of good to bad with e cigarettes is tipped overwhelmingly on the side of good. The best e cigarettes for quitting regular cigarettes are easily 7s.

The Future

All in all electronic cigarettes are a vastly superior option for smokers who are tired of the same old same old. They are new, exciting, and hold the promise of being able to take smoking into the future. There is nothing holding electronic cigarettes back because their designs will only improve with each new iteration. Electronic cigarettes are the very future of smoking and if you have not yet made the switch from regular cigarettes then you could be seriously missing out.

The Best Dog Fence of 2017 and Beyond?

Doggy Bakery - Best dog Fence On the Market Featured ImageThis is a story of research. It all started when my wife and i came to the conclusion that it is getting close to the time that we should buy our own house. Of all the potential considerations, our dogs are very close to the top of the list.

After a decade of living in rentals where you have little option of fencing for a yard area for your dogs, even if you rent a single family home. It may or may not have a decent backyard, and if it does, what if the fence is insufficient? Since you don’t own the property, you have little, if any say in fencing options or repairs. Even if you did, would you want to invest anything substantial into that property.

Then comes in HOA’s.  They can also dictate the types of fencing and their locations on your property. This one is huge considering you have little, if any influence in this matter. You’re just the recipient of the HOA’s judgement. I don’t like it!

I guess buying is the only reasonable option for our circumstances. Come the first of 2017, we are starting our journey into home-ownership.

The reason I brought all of this is because we we looking for a property that has a home, a big backyard and the ability to place a very specific fence for our dogs.

We have small dogs, and them escaping my not be the biggest worry, our worries are other larger dogs or predators getting into our yard and attacking out dogs since we want a more rural location. After much research, we found the perfect fence for dogs of all sizes on Doggy Bakery. This is that specific fence that I was speaking of previously.

It’s dig proof, climb proof, almost invisible and it cost less than all other fencing methods available today. You can customize the size, height and gate options. This means it can be a very low cost dog yard or fence your entire property.

This fence system is revolutionary, low cost, functional, appealing, can cover any terrain plus much more.

Just wanted to share my find with everyone.

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