Difference Between Pima Cotton and Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Pima cotton is a highly sought after material for both clothing as well as bedding. It is very popular but it is also known to be more expensive than regular cotton. One thing that many people like to compare it to is Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is one of the best fabrics in the entire world and as a result has a hefty asking price. There are some who feel that there is not a wide enough difference between Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton to justify the steep difference in their price. Here are the differences and similarities between the two.

A Major Connection

Right out the gate it needs to be understood that Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton actually tend to come from the same species of plant. This is important because it explains why Pima and Egyptian cotton both have such exceptionally long fibers. Long fibers, as opposed to high thread count, are what make a sheet so desirable and more expensive.

This is an important connection because it lead many to assume that Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton really are the same. However, this is a strong misconception.

The Most Important Difference

The thing that needs to be understood about Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton is that while, yes, they share a plant species they are absolutely not the same kind of cotton. The biggest difference is all about location, location, location. Pima cotton can be grown practically anywhere because it is simply the same species of plant. Egyptian cotton, on the other hand, is a unique product because it is created in the Egyptian climate. That climate puts the cotton through its paces and introduces a myriad of benefits that Pima cotton does not share. Pima cotton is an excellent fabric, but the soil and environment offered by Egypt take its quality to an entirely other level.